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2. AJ Suede

3. Psalmus Dieursae | /f

4. Recency_Bias

5. Mint Decot

6. The Cry

7. Digital Atavism






King-Cat Classix (2007) // John Porcellino : Porcellino’s already-rudimentary comix at their most primal. Collecting the best installments of the influential King-Cat memoir zine, this hefty retrospective tracks JP’s artistic progression from horny post-hardcore scribbler to Charles Schulz’s spiritual successor. I’d read thousands of pages of his road trip stories if I could — skeletal landscapes, Del Taco and all.


Swing Time (2016) // Zadie Smith: Nameless postmodern heroine of non-action floats through the Thatcher administration into the offices of MTV UK and, eventually, the entourage of a fictionalized Madonna stand-in determined to build a school for girls in Gambia. Instead, the pair reveal the suspicious overlap between neo-liberalism and colonialism. Heaps of descriptive childhood reminiscing in the first half, followed by a good chunk of incisive commentary that weaves itself seamlessly into the narrative.


Sabrina (2018) // Nick Drnaso: Set at the border between middle America and the virtual hellscape that includes LiveLeak, Voat and BodyBuilding.com, Sabrina is a bleak graphic novel about processing grief in a world so saturated with ultraviolence. Paired with illustrations that bear some resemblance to Mike Judge’s King of the Hill character designs, Drnaso’s latest work suggests that the spiritual successor to the archetypal “post-9/11” artwork might be the post-Vegas piece.


Fever Chart (2009) // Bill Cotter: Formerly institutionalized postmodern hero of non-action self-immolates in New Orleans. Nihilistic and "clever". Maybe a little funny Will likely not finish.




Chief Keef @ Bogart’s: Arrived at the venue to find a herd of groaning teens huddled around a man with a megaphone. Turns out Sosa planned on arriving 5 hours late to the venue. Slowly ate a too-greasy spinach calzone before arriving as the 5th opening act (a DJ) was booed offstage for desperately dipping into his EDM collection. My friends and I spoke to a security staff member who spoke highly of Lil Xan’s professionalism and boyish charm (Xan played Bogart’s a few months prior). The show itself was a frenetic mashup of Keef’s best tracks (about like 35 of them) crammed back to back with little regard for transitions. The fast-paced nature of the set weirdly lent itself to the music (and my dwindling attention span). Worth it to hear Sosa and Tadoe bang out a live version of “Randomly”.


Remember Sports/Ophelias @ MOTR:


Shoreline Mafia @ Bogart’s:




Nectar // jonatan leandoer127: Yung Lean’s latest folk-rock project also happens to be his best work to date.